Unprotected sex after 3wks of abortion and had depo shot immediatly?

Answer And your question?Depo does not work for one MONTH. getting it after sex is not effective, you could be pregnant again.

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Are you supposed to wait a certain amount of time before having unprotected sex after getting the first depo shot?

Answer If you had the shot during the 1st 5 days of your cycle, no other contraception is needed, however if the shot was given at any other time then other precautions should have been used for 7 ... Read More »

If you are on the Depo shot but took antibiotics or your also on a hormone pill will that conter act the shot to not work?

Answer Antibiotics are notorious for reducing the effects of birth control.

Can you be pregnant while on the depo shot?

yes, nothing short of abstaining is 100% effective

How periods are with the depo shot!?

Depends on your body some bleed heavily some bleed less and some are normal they say it's suppose to make them shorter ands light but everyone's different . Be careful how you eat on the pill a lot... Read More »