University school fee in US is charge by the percentage of household income?

Answer That's not exactly how it works.Every school has a "sticker price." That's how much tuition, fees, and room and board cost at the school. Most prestigious colleges have a sticker price of between... Read More »

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If you are receiving short-term disability income benefits and you decide to quit your job will you have to reimburse your employer for the percentage of your income you received during your leave?

NOT ONLY BAD QUESTION but ILLOGICAL - first you collect INSURANCE Benefits - not PAY (this money comes from insurance policy that you and/or employer pay into) - - You don't return any "insurance b... Read More »

What percentage of household garbage can be recycled?

An accurate answer cannot be provided because different locales have different accepted recyclables. According to Jennifer Berry at, "The reason for this is simply that what is recycla... Read More »

What is the household income limit for SSI?

Social Security Administration (SSA) provides Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to low-income elderly and disabled individuals with insufficient work history to qualify for full disability benefit... Read More »

What was the average household income in 1928?

The average income was $6,078.93 in 1928. This was based on 4,050,959 people who reported their annual earnings for that year. In 2009, that amount of money would equate to $75,437.87.References:Ti... Read More »