Universities for Chemical Engineering?

Answer Chemical engineering is a profession that has an unseen influence on almost everything in modern life. From medicine and health care to our food, our clothing and even the paper we write on, chemic... Read More »

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Which of the Nigerian Universities Offers Chemical Engineering?

The Federal and State governments of Nigeria operate 43 colleges and universities according to the U.S. diplomatic mission to Nigeria. Chemical Engineering is the field of engineering that focuses ... Read More »

Differences Between Civil Engineering & Chemical Engineering?

Both chemical and civil engineering have played roles in transforming and fostering the global developmental agenda. These two disciplines are varied in their scope and may be equally demanding in ... Read More »

Top UK Engineering Universities?

The United Kingdom is famous for its engineers. Steam engine inventor James Watt and George Stephenson, inventor of the locomotive, lead the way but behind them many others who graduated from Briti... Read More »

Top Industrial Engineering Universities?

Industrial engineering refers to the analysis, modification and implementation of processes and systems related to materials. Like engineering as a whole, industrial engineering spans a wide breadt... Read More »