Universities That Offer Forensic Science?

Answer The field of forensic science deals with the scientific requirements of the justice system. Students of forensic science learn to examine biological, digital and physical evidence in a variety of c... Read More »

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Which Universities Offer Forensic Science Courses?

Forensics involves the use of science to discover how a crime was committed. It consists of multiple disciplines including chemistry, psychology, social science, physics, biology, and geology. Seve... Read More »

Colleges & Universities That Offer Forensic Science Degrees?

Academic programs in forensic sciences award interdisciplinary degrees. Programs incorporate law, anthropology, bullet and blood splatter analysis and advanced math, chemistry and biology in order ... Read More »

Which Universities Offer Forensic Psychology?

With the release of the blockbuster film "Silence of the Lambs," the public became intrigued by forensic psychology. Forensic psychology, however, is more than profiling suspected criminals. It is ... Read More »

Universities That Offer Forensic Psychology Degrees?

Hollywood movies and television shows make forensic psychology a widely known subject. After watching the latest crime drama, you might be tempted think you have an informed grasp of forensic psyc... Read More »