United States History Essay Thematic Topics?

Answer Despite its relative youth, the United States has an intricate and extensive history, filled with daring generals, pirate battles, romantic drama and comic gaffes. History teachers all too frequent... Read More »

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Thematic Essay Topics for Global History?

World history is the complex story of human civilization and development in a variety of cultures and communities over the last several thousand years. From the hunters and gatherers of prehistoric... Read More »

United States History Topics for 11th Grade?

When it comes to teaching United States history to high school juniors, it's important to cover all of the significant events without focusing too much on one time period. Increased specialization ... Read More »

Good Research Paper Topics for AP United States History?

Students of advanced placement U.S. history learn critical thinking skills to apply to topics unfolding in our nation's current events. A large component of the AP class is to prepare students for ... Read More »

African History Essay Topics?

Africa is the world's second largest continent, yet in North America, Africa is the continent many of us may know the least about. We have evidence that some ancient African technology rivaled the ... Read More »