Unique,Creative passwords!?

Answer Ok this question has plauge computer users for quite some time we all know that passwords should be atleast 4 - 8 charaters long include caps , numbers , not be in the dictionary and be difficult t... Read More »

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How To Get Around Passwords in XP Home?

Microsoft Windows XP Home operating system allows the administrator of the computer to set up user accounts for each user. Windows XP may be configured to require all users to log in with valid use... Read More »

How do you 'manage' your passwords Do you just have the same one for everything?

types of passwords1) is so secured only for important things2) accounts on internet 3) stupid passwords like 123456 etc

How to Remember Passwords?

Remeber your pass!Many times, we all forget our passwords. Maybe we create too many accounts or sometimes, we just are forgetful. Well, read this article and no more forgetting!

How to Keep Your Passwords Secure?

Here are some suggestions on motivating yourself to change your passwords regularly to keep them secure.