Uninstalling Left 4 Dead makes my Computer Font all BOLD.?

Answer There has been reports of when removing an illegitimate installation of Left 4 Dead (i.e. pirated) the registry containing information of certain fonts gets corrupted/deleted.The fonts affected are... Read More »

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In MS Word how do you format the font to be bold but underlined in normal?

Some key items you forgot to let us know about: • Which version of MS-Word you are using. • Which Font you are attempting to do this with.When I try this using MS-Word 2003 with the "Times... Read More »

Will uninstalling Internet Explorer cause problems with my computer?

In addition to the first answer (which is correct), you will need to use IE in order to receive Windows Updates. Without Windows critical and security updates, your computer will soon be a malware-... Read More »

How to Speed Run in Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2?

This is a guide on speed-running for the Source engine games Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2.

Who makes the blackberry bold?

Research In Motion makes the BlackBerry Bold cell phone, which comes in two models. Both allow you to browse the Internet, manage email and use GPS. Battery power lasts longer on the Bold 9700, its... Read More »