Unhealthy vegan recipes?

Answer deep fried and salted tofu with nayonaise and pickles on organic white bread. it's like a vegan chick-fil-a.don't forget the natural fries cooked in peanut oil.

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What's your favorite unhealthy vegan food to eat?

Oreos or 72% endangered species chocolate. Also I know they aren't bad but they aren't necessarily good in the quantities I eat them, baked potatoes!! I put anything I can find on them especially i... Read More »

Vegan Recipes ?

here are some links to vegan recipes...Vegan Meat and Dairy analogsAngel Food Cake… (vegan angel food cake)Bacon (vegan) Read More »

Vegan recipes on a low budget?

There are some great cookbooks out there for eating on a low budget, and thanks to them I have been vegan for 6 years! "please don't feed the bears" is choc-full of recipies and even tells you how ... Read More »

Vegan Moisturizer Recipes?

Veganism is a not just a weight-loss diet or a way of eating but an entire lifestyle dedicated to not consciously contributing to the harm and commercial exploitation of animals. Vegans don't eat m... Read More »