Unfriend people on facebook?

Answer i dont think its possible:/

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How rude is it to "unfriend" someone on Facebook?

Pretty sure they wount mind. Since its been soo long and use havnt even talked. It will only seem snobish if they are people you really talk to. As for the farmvill invites etc etc.. Go to:Account ... Read More »

Should I unfriend my Friends on facebook that are from America?

I would only recommend deleting them if ALL your statuses are Tagalog and they keep saying rude things like "wtf?" Ako din, hindi sila nakaka-intindi. nakaka-tawa nga. ^^

How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook Without Actually Unfriending Them?

Are you tired of that Facebook friend who annoys you with their posts and app updates? Or do you and a friend just not have much to talk about anymore, but your Facebook connection keeps the friend... Read More »

How did i friend my friend back who already unfriend me on facebook?

She just didn't block you. You can un-friend someone without blocking them. Unless there's more to it than that... But judging from your question I think that was where you were going.