Unexpected Discoveries in Biology?

Answer Although we often think of science as being coldly logical and therefore only applied to directed experiments with clear and predetermined hypotheses, much of what we know of our world was discover... Read More »

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What unexpected job titles have you gained since becoming a mom?

A public urinator... or so it seems. I can never use the bathroom in peace anymore :(

Will there be another season of life unexpected?

yes there will be another season but no one knows when.

How to Deal With an Unexpected Menstruation?

Most girls can't predict the exact date when they are going to have their periods. Dealing with an unexpected menstruation can be tough. During such times, it is important to be calm and focused. Y... Read More »

When is life unexpected season 3 on?

I would go for season 4 episode 3, "Minimal Loss" It's really good...Prentiss is such a strong character, she and Reid are my favourites!