Underwater Camera Cases, 100% no Water leakage?

Answer The bags are guaranteed by the makers to be 100% waterproof.They'd be a pointless purchase otherwise.But it depends how deep you want to go. For a bit of snorkelling the 10' bag affairs are fine bu... Read More »

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Are there any underwater camera cases for Nikon P100?

What is better: Underwater camera or an underwater camera case?

The Nikon AW100 is one of the better underwater cameras. I'd keep it. I never liked those baggies. They are OK for above water use - such as at the beach where the camera might get wet, but they ar... Read More »

Can i use my digital camera to do underwater photography using ziploc bag as casing underwater?

You can definitely give it a try, but the risk is yours. You should get a proper underwater casing for your camera. If yours is a common brand or model, you should be able to get it easily from eba... Read More »

A row of cases is 6 cases high and 7 cases long one of the stacks has only 5 cases in it how many cases are in the row?