Understanding Data Communications & Networks?

Answer To send data from point A to point B, you can run a cable between the two points. But such a system provides limited opportunities for communication. You can communicate with more points if you sen... Read More »

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How to Enhance Interpersonal Communications Through Social Networks?

The rise in social networks use is frequently noted as a negative phenomenon in terms of developing interpersonal communications skills. This article identifies three positive aspects of social net... Read More »

College Degrees in Data Communications?

There are several careers in the fields of data communications and computer technology. Anyone seeking a high position in data communications must obtain an associate's or bachelor's degree in a re... Read More »

Introduction to Networking and Data Communications?

The basics of networking are that data originates in an application and is then transferred over at least one cable as a series of zeros and ones. An "application" is a program that serves the user... Read More »

Importance of Data Transfer Rate in Computer Networks?

Data transfer rate is the speed at which data can be transmitted between devices. The faster this process occurs, the greater the "throughput" rate and, in turn, the greater the efficiency of data ... Read More »