Understanding Computers for Kids?

Answer The use of computers is rapidly becoming one of the most important tools for communication, work and play. Children are now being taught in their schools about the importance of computers and about... Read More »

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A History of Computers for Kids?

The golden age of computers began with the digital revolution, but people have been using computers in their daily lives since the beginning of civilization. The history of computers began with sim... Read More »

Are computers a good or bad thing for kids?

well computer is good 4 kids, it educates them in many ways but as 4 the internet no no no! kids can see bad things there really bad things they shouldnt see .

How to Teach Kids About Computers?

Teaching kids about computers can prepare them for using the numerous forms of technology that are present throughout today's society. In addition to providing entertainment to kids, computers can ... Read More »

What Skills Do Kids Need on Computers?

Computers are a large part of our society today, and many jobs require in-depth knowledge of computer operation, so it makes sense that schools now teach computer skills starting at an early age. T... Read More »