Underscore Description?

Answer The underscore character, "_", is a computer symbol usually located on the hyphen key. Type an underscore by holding down the "Shift" key and then pressing the hyphen key, usually located next to t... Read More »

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How do I underscore letters?

HighlightHighlight the letters or word you seek to underscore.UnderscoreSelect the U with the underscore from the menu bar. Another option is to highlight the letter or word and hit "Ctrl+U."Sourc... Read More »

How do you make an underscore on an iPhone 4S?

You can switch between numbers and letters on the Keyboard. It is found under the Numbers section.

What is an underscore on the keyboard?

To type an underscore, press the Shift key and the dash ("-") key on a QWERTY keyboard. The location of the dash/underscore key can vary depending on the keyboard model. Is usually located between ... Read More »

How Do I Underscore an Email Address?

Like a website IP address, an email address cannot contain an empty space anywhere in the address. This can be annoying if you wish create or enter an email address that contains two words, such as... Read More »