Underbite surgery question, dentists preferably!?

Answer First of all, please do not consider this surgery while you are still growing. The surgery will NOT stop your growth and then you might "grow out of" your underbite jaw relationship, totally chang... Read More »

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Jaw surgery for an underbite?

I'm in highschool and I had braces in middle school, but my underbite moved back. So I got a special type of braces called MEAW a few months ago. They have little loop/hooks for rubberbands to f... Read More »

Question for you prefer we close our eyes when you are working over us?

This is a funny question :) I'm a dental hygiene student and i don't know about dentists but I don't even pay attention to whether people's eyes are opened or closed when I'm working on them. I'm t... Read More »

Question about eye surgery?

Wear a colored contact. You can get them without prescription. But I'd still go to an eye dr to make sure it fits right.

Question about surgery?

before they put you to sleep they will put a sliding sheet underneath you which makes you easy to move from table to bed and a team of about 4 to 6 people will move you so will be in safe hands :).... Read More »