Unconceoulsy nervous at night?

Answer I also get that feeling! and i too have stress and anxiety issues.I randomly found something that helped the other day on youtube. There were these hypnotherapy videos that basically sent me off to... Read More »

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Hey how can I avoid being nervous driving at night?

Relax. I'd rather drive at night. Less traffic...fewer cops...less distractions. I find it relaxing. So you had an accident? It's not the end of the world. Get back up that horse!!! I'm serious. Bu... Read More »

How to Ask a Guy out Without Being Nervous?

Do you ever feel nervous about asking a guy out? Or do you want to ask him out and you barely even know him? Here are some helpful hints.

How to Not Get Nervous?

Getting nervous can be a burden when performing something or a public speaking competition, especially if you are tired of it. Here are some tips that might help you become calm in situations that ... Read More »


calm down :)its all good! nothing hurts and your eyes dilatated wont hurt at all, its all good and contacts can b put any age. trust me i have very big eye problems since i was 8 and ill hav to get... Read More »