Ummm ive been bad plz help!?

Answer Haha, lol.Press j, use the arrow keys until the name "jenna jameson" is hilighted, then press the delete key on your keyboard. Then, do the same for carmen, except with the c, of course. :)Hope I h... Read More »

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Ummm emo kind of pic?

Ignore people. -_-I get what you were going for. It's artsy and it shows some real talent as a photographer; I like the lighting too. Did you edit it? What kind of camera did you use?

WHO WANTS 10 POINTS HELP PLZ!!!! i injured my wrist been been few months now READ ON...?

Have you gone to a doctor yet? It might be a sprain or a strain. That can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year to heal. I would stay off of it, and use ice if it starts to hurt too badly. 2... Read More »

Ummm...A girl kinda question...?

That's normal...they will even out eventually.

Ummm guys, I have Swine Flu!?