Um, this question is only for girls, so if you're a boy... shoo! go away!?

Answer Put a hot water bottle on your stomach. The cramps happen on the first day because there isn't much bleeding and your muscles contract to push out the blood. So you need to have hot stuff as it enc... Read More »

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How to Bake a Wet Bottom Shoo Fly Pie?

Shoo Fly pie is extremely popular in the Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch areas. In fact, it's probably the most popular icon of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Everyone has their own little secret, use this m... Read More »

Girls only question! I need girls advice. ?

Hun, If you want to wear a bra, tell your mom. Explain to her that you NEED one. Like especially if you actually have boobs your nipples **awkward moment** will show through your shirt and its not... Read More »

For girls question?

I wouldn't do candy unless it's really really early.Jewelry is for way later on, when you getting seriousAnd flowers are always good. A bunch of tulips is for less serious relations and a single or... Read More »

Question for the girls only?

my friend did and lost like 15 lbs. in a month