Ultra-Secretive Question! Have a look inside...?

Answer I wish I could help you but idk

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Last night I dreamt I had the swine flu and now I have a sore throat..actual serious question inside :)?

If you had a sore or parched throat before you woke up, then you might have felt some discomfort or pain from it during your dream, and this could easily be associated with and suggest the recent b... Read More »

I have a tree with leave look like grape leave it grows smooth cones have lot of pine not inside?

I can't quite understand what you are saying....and you don't say where this tree is growing. If it's a subtropical climate it might be a sea grape tree. If that's not it I don't know. A pictu... Read More »

Do I hAVe A CoOl QueStiOn LoOK AnD SeE! Do i?

Do i look pretty <= why do ppl have to ask this question?

YES I KNOW! seriously WHO CARES! If you dont' think your pretty thats YOUR problem! they just don't have sel-esteem. there aare times where i'm curious if i'm pretty but i don't go around asking po... Read More »