Ultimate Question?

Answer Coke and only Coke. Pepsi sucks

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Windows 7 Ultimate password question?

If you can get access to the administrator account then yes, if not.... then no

THE ULTIMATE QUESTION - Cadburys or Galaxy?

Finally! Someone who is not afraid to tackle the Big burning questions.This is a tough one. For me, Galaxy - because it has the melt and the mouth-feel. I am talking chocolate only here because I a... Read More »

OK the ultimate question is here>> sexy gal or sexy sports car, which one to opt for?

No contest: sexy sports car! It won't cheat on you, it won't demand ridiculous things, and it will still be with you in a couple years. Sexy gals are a dime a dozen, enjoy the freakin' car.Plus, a ... Read More »

Jonas Brothers...Ultimate Quiz for the ultimate fan #5!!?

1. nicholas jerry jonas. :D2. nicholas jerry jonas.3. joseph adam jonas.4. hmm dunno this one.... joseph adam jonas?? hes just funny so i can imagine him doing that :]5. joe joe joe joee hehe and h... Read More »