Uhm Girl Trouble GIRLS ONLY!!?

Answer You are totally fine! Girls get their periods anywhere between 11-18! Before your period comes you may feel moody and bloated and have some pain in your lower abdomen.. these are cramps which means... Read More »

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Can your son who had sex at 17 with a 16 year old girl in California and she got pregnant get in legal trouble?

If a girl gets pregnant by an 18-year-old guy or older can she and that guy get married without her parents' permission and without him getting in trouble?

Answer If both of your are 18 or older, then yes. You can get married and do whatever you want without anyone getting in trouble and without any permission. If this 18 year old guy got a minor preg... Read More »

Guys: Do you like girly-girls or tomboys and why Girls: Are you a girly girl or a tomboy and why?

I'm somewhere in between girly and tomboy.I hate girly girls actually.They make me sick with their stupid conversations about clothes and hair and make-up.It's like they have no idea what's going o... Read More »

Can an unmarried girl get in trouble by not telling the real dad when the baby is born even if she knows the dad wants to share custody of the child and can another man adopt without dad's consent?

Answer You can get in trouble for not telling the birth father about the baby. It is not only unfair, but I think he can take you to court.