Uh girl question?

Answer Midol.. Drink a lot of water too, a lot! Take a warm bath, you dont need a tampon or anything in the bath you stop bleeding when you are in water!

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Only girl question. Thanks!?

This should be your routine;Eat breakfast: try like a bowl of granola and milkLunch: stay away from bread, so no samiches :P try a salad. Or soup (p.s ceasar salad is full of fat) Dinner: stay away... Read More »

Girl Question!!!!?

its not embarrassing to ask at all. every girl sweats and stinks whether the know it or not. they all have an odor that is not smell-able to them. just tell ur mom i need deodorant. if anything... Read More »

Ummmm Girl question ....?

I dont wear them eather all the time only sometimes....but around the date i know know im get my period i wear them...

Who can tell me who the girl is at 6:34-6:43 (Porn question)?