Ugly Duckling on farmville?

Answer yes, they do grow into a white swan. After 4 days it's highlighted and you click on it and one of the choices is "Transform!" but you have to put up with the ugly black and white duck for a while.... Read More »

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Ugly duckling advice?

space .... the final frontierof course that is the SPACEbetween human ears ..... Fascinating Captain .... Fascinating

Your Ugly Duckling story?

this made me smile so much :]my sister was born with a cleft lip&pallete.she was always so self concious about it, but i always thought she was pretty. however, she was convinced no boys liked her ... Read More »

Were you an ugly duckling before you became a beautiful swan?

wow for women only? whatever im telling my story because i have a right to. in elementary school and middle school no one ever noticed me. i was really quiet and always had my nose in a book. sure ... Read More »

My sister is really ugly. What makes her ugly is cheeks on her face. And she has a triple chin. Its so ugly! ?

That's something really mean to say about your sister. And thats hilarious the donut thing. LOLZ!! As long as she is okay with it then you should be too. And don't worry about other people!! And if... Read More »