Ubuntu Linux or Windows Vista Can't decide!?

Answer Not to be rude but it looks like you don't have the computer knowledge to use Ubuntu. I would stick with vista. it would be more suitable for your needs.

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I just installed linux Ubuntu on my laptop and i cant seem to Connect to the internet?

Your linksys adapter will need the correct driver to work with Ubuntu. You can use the windows driver if you install and use ndiswrapper. This driver will allow windows wireless drivers to work. Y... Read More »

How to Install Ubuntu Linux in Windows XP?

Ubuntu is one of the most popular distributions of Linux, largely because it is designed to make the process of trying, or switching to, Linux as simple as possible for Windows users. To this end, ... Read More »

How to Install Ubuntu Linux Without CD (Windows)?

Ubuntu Linux V10Want to install Ubuntu Linux, but don't want to burn all kinds of CD's and all that other stuff? Here is how you do that! All within Windows XP/Vista/7!

How do I install Windows XP over Ubuntu (Linux)?

Get GParted Live CD… , Since it is Linux, it can read and create Linux/Windows Partitions.. Look at the website for more information.It will be easy to pa... Read More »