Ubuntu: How to Start a Wireless on Boot Without Keyring Access?

Answer Ubuntu is a free, open-source Linux operating system. Like other operating systems, Ubuntu supports wireless networks and can connect to them. Ubuntu saves your password in your personal GNOME keyr... Read More »

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How to Access Files on a Computer With Ubuntu when Windows Fails to Boot?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you really need a file but for some reason Windows all of a sudden is deciding to not booting up on your machine? Don’t panic, chances are the fi... Read More »

Access data on a hard drive with a damaged master boot record and boot sector ?

Yeah, you can access those files.What I would do is to plug the hard drive into an external hard drive enclosure and then plug it into my computer via USB. Assuming you lack that equipment, you sh... Read More »

Can i boot ubuntu from CD and install it, if i can't Boot XP at all?

Yes you can! Ubuntu is a great (and maybe the most easiest) way to get your files back from a laptop or PC!Just download UBuntu here… and choose for a CD ... Read More »

How do i boot ubuntu from a cd?

Download the Ubuntu operating system ISO. Open your CD creating software and choose the option "Burn Disc Image." Insert the blank CD, choose the Ubuntu ISO as the file you want on the disc and cli... Read More »