Uberhaxornova and PewDiePie?

Answer Yeah that's true its both Pewdie and Nova's fans starting arguments. Around a month ago it was like every comment was an insult and people fight back and defend their hero :P but now I think its di... Read More »

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The youtuber pewdiepie?

His official website on all about him. Also includes his website, YouTube channel and upcoming events. You should follow this website if you would like to know more.Omgee he's so cute

PewDiePie question!!?

He is pewdiepie he just acts like that to be funny no he is not a duck he is just another human who is funny

Why do you think PewDiePie is so popular?

1.He is a consistent uploader 2.He knows how to entertain 7 million people without messing up3.He keeps people up to date with fridays with pewdiepie4.He interacts with fans, usually meeting them i... Read More »

I want to do the the kind of thing that pewdiepie does how do I do it?

Software he uses:Fraps (Settings) - Recording Gameplay.Logitech Webcam Software - Recording Webcam and Audio.Adobe Premiere Pro CS5- Editing Video.:)