USB to PS/2 Adaptor Question?

Answer No it wont hurt your computer. If it's a PS2 to USB adapter, it doesn't matter if you use it for a mouse or keyboard.

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My hp5470 scanner power adaptor is damaged, i need a power adaptor can any one help?

Just get the details off the adaptor, go down to Radio Shed, Worst Buy, Jerkit City, which ever electronic store you favor, and get another one. Make sure to get one with the correct voltage output... Read More »

Adaptor for UK sockets?

Go through this site.…i suggest to have a universal adapter...:)

What is a wireless usb adaptor?

If you have a computer, you are probably familiar with Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports, which allow a simple and dependable way to connect computers and peripherals. Wireless USB adaptors are rela... Read More »

Do you need an adaptor in England?

No, you don't need to use any adaptors if you already live in England!That's only joking!You are probably asking: "If you travel to England from somewhere else, would you need to use an outlet adap... Read More »