USB camera records then play it a lot faster?

Answer seems to be a playback problem of your PC. maybe installing K-Lite Codecs will help. its just a codec pack that will give your PC better performance and will let you play every videofile right.

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How to Play Video Security Camera Records on a VCR?

The easiest way to get a reproduction of the images that a security camera captures is to have a videocassette recorder (VCR) to do the job. Be certain there is a detached area to house the VCR. Th... Read More »

Is the issue of amended birth records bigger then the subject of adoption?

Yes and no. (How's that for vague?)Any falsification of birth records is, in my opinion, uncalled for. Everyone has the right to a true and accurate birth certificate. So that's a problem, regardle... Read More »

Is faster then Netzero?

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Looking to purchase a dig camera,don't want to spend more then $250,what brand name camera would you suggest?

Look for a camera with a 1) minimum 5 megapixels (mp), this is very good for most users. 2) 4x optical zoom is good, don't worry too much about digital zoom. 3) Best to stick with regular (or recha... Read More »