USB Port not detecting device. What's up?

Answer Think you are having same problem as my daughter had. She has a dell desktop...way older than your dads with no warranty either.She had her original iPod, but this Christmas got the iPod touch wit... Read More »

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Is it true that any USB port on your computer can be used for either an output device or input device?

Yep you should have no issues with a usb printer. Just make sure to follow the directions for the software that comes with the printer. You may need to find drivers if you are running Win98 or WinM... Read More »

Why won't my computer recognize a device in my VGA port?

Look at your Function Keys (F1-F12) at the top of the keyboard for the hot-key for video output. (It looks like a stick-figure of a monitor.) Press the blue function key at the bottom of the keyb... Read More »

How does an USB device tell apart a Wall socket from a computer port?

USB has 4 connections. 2 them are 5 volt power and ground. The other 2 are the data connections. When you plugged your flash drive into the charger it received power in the right places but no data... Read More »

The USB Device Has Malfunctioned & Exceeded the Power Limits of its Hub Port?

You may receive an error message on your PC indicating that a USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of its hub port for various reasons. The message doesn't necessarily mean th... Read More »