USB Flash Drive is write protected - How do I remove it?

Answer Try to find a small switch in your flash drive most USB flash drive has a switch for write protection.

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Drive Without an External SwitchStep 1Turn on your computer and plug in the drive after your operating system has loaded.Step 2Open "My Computer" and search the list of drives until you find your U... Read More »

How do I write to a protected flash drive?

Format the DriveAccess "My Computer" and locate the flash drive, often drive F: or E:. On Mac operating systems, the flash drive appears on the desktop. Open the drive, select all of the contained ... Read More »

How to Remove Write Protection on a Toshiba Transmemory Flash Drive?

Toshiba's Transmemory line of flash drives are similar to an external hard drive in that they provide storage space for saving your photos or MP3s outside your computer. If you don't want other peo... Read More »

How to Remove Write Protection from a Flash Drive in Windows Vista?

Flash storage drives may potentially store sensitive or private information, from work projects to personal finance documents. When you don't want anyone to have direct access to read or write to t... Read More »