US forgave Egypt their loans, why can't US forgive American's student loans that are suffocating our kids?

Answer Because American students dont do for America what Egypt does on behalf of America in the Middle East.

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The president said he will forgive student loans?

he also said he would freeze spending followed by the introduciton of a new rail system for billions of dollars.he;'s an idiot of the first order.also, the forgiving of school loans incorporates 'c... Read More »

Does Bankruptcy Forgive Student Loans?

Congress was granted the authority to enact bankruptcy laws by Article I, Section 8, of the United States Constitution. Bankruptcy laws have evolved considerably since the early days of the republi... Read More »

How do student loans work, and what are my options for applying for graduate student loans?

To get a student loan, your first step is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You should submit your FAFSA as soon as possible – you can make estimates and correct t... Read More »

What Loan company will take over my federal student loans when the loans are in default?

When your federal educational loans are in default, you have several options:You can repay the loan in full.You can negotiate a new payment plan with your lender.You can "rehabilitate" your loan.Yo... Read More »