U.S. Navy damage control training?

Answer In the Navy, damage controlmen maintain the ship's safety equipment. They train and lead other sailors in damage control operations. In order to train others, DCs receive extensive training in ho... Read More »

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Navy Damage Control Training?

Navy damage control training is aimed at ensuring the survivability of U.S. Navy ships by containing the effects of damage sustained during battle or other damage producing events. While some navy ... Read More »

Requirements of Firefighting & Damage Control Equipment for Navy Ships?

A fire on a ship at sea can be disastrous. There is no fire department to call or other emergency personnel to respond and assist. Sailors must rely on their equipment, training and each other to e... Read More »

What training is worse than Navy Seal training?

How does Combat Control training compare to Pararescue training and do the CCTs have Hell Night and is one easier than the other and is it correct that both have around a 90 percent attrition rate?

my bro is in pararescue (pjs) but did look at combat control (cct). the only major difference is the job its self cct is an ordnance deployment force ( aka they call in airstrikes) cct also is more... Read More »