US Navy construction battalions were called what?

Answer The Seebees are the construction and engineering branch of the US Navy.

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What is the degree for construction called?

Degrees in construction are called construction science degrees. Construction science degrees are available at the associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. Students who pursue thes... Read More »

Can Chief Warrant Officers command battalions?

no, chief warrant officers are helicopter pilots and specific jobs like that but not actually in command other than his section or unit that he is flying in that is commanded by an commissioned off... Read More »

Why is Old Navy called Old Navy?

Old Navy was named after a cafe in Paris, France.

Why is the Navy called the Navy?

The term "Navy" is from the Latin word "Navis", meaning a ship, vessel, or boat. The definition of a "Navy" is a collection, or fleet, of ships, vessels, or boats.