US Navy Uniform Regulations for Jewelry?

Answer The U.S. Navy has regulations for every article of clothing worn by servicemen and servicewomen. Jewelry is no exception. Women must adhere to strict guidelines about what jewelry to wear. All jew... Read More »

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What are the Navy Uniform Regulations on wearing EOD and Navy Jump Wings?

You better have earned them! And if you have earned them, you will be instructed on how and when to wear them.

Navy Uniform Regulations for Ribbons?

U.S. Navy personnel must follow strict regulations regarding the display of military decorations, the purpose of which is to clearly communicate rank and individual achievements, and to ensure unit... Read More »

Is it against Navy Regulations to carry a Bible in Uniform?

Absolutely not - the Navy, as with all the military branches, respects everyone's religion. The only regulation is that religious devices or objects not interfere with a uniform or daily duties. Ca... Read More »

Desert Camouflage & Navy Uniform Regulations?

The U.S. Navy has a number of uniforms, many of which a service member might be required to wear at some point. Each uniform has its own regulations, and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with w... Read More »