U.S. Immigration Requirements for Koreans?

Answer Koreans first started arriving in the United States in the early 20th century, largely due to economic and political crises in South Korea. The largest wave of Korean immigration came with the pass... Read More »

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British Immigration Requirements?

The standards for immigrants to Britain are set by the UK Border Agency (UKBA), a division of the Home Office. Each class of immigrant has different requirements to meet to make a successful applic... Read More »

Spanish Immigration Requirements?

For most international travelers, temporary immigration is a way of life. Visas allow people to live in a region for a certain amount of time and work, go to school, conduct business and even be wi... Read More »

Immigration Requirements for Iceland?

Americans who wish to immigrate to Iceland must meet a series of requirements before entering the country. Iceland's immigration requirements are fairly simple for citizens of the European Economic... Read More »

Danish Immigration Requirements?

Denmark is a small, Scandinavian country that borders Germany. Once home to Vikings, Denmark has become a modern, affluent state. Denmark is a member of both NATO and the EU. In spite of high taxes... Read More »