U.S. History: Topics for a Research Paper?

Answer Writing research papers about historical events that occurred in the United States can help children understand the formation and development of the country. By immersing themselves in historical p... Read More »

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Research Topics for a Paper on US History?

If you have been assigned a term paper on U.S. history, choosing a topic can be daunting. However, by narrowing it down to a few ideas, you can choose an area you are particularly interested in. Th... Read More »

Modern European History Research Paper Topics?

Principal themes in modern European history include secularization, imperialism, nationalism, political reform and revolution, foreign policies and treaties, immigration, changing labor patterns, i... Read More »

Topics for a History Research Paper on North Carolina?

North Carolina should be an easy subject for a history paper. It has one of the oldest recorded histories along the Atlantic shores. It was the site of the first English settlement in the U.S. It w... Read More »

American History Research Paper Topics for 8th Grade?

Research papers are a great way for students to tackle emotional subjects and difficult questions. As kids in eighth grade learn about American history, they're able to think critically and write a... Read More »