URGENT how do i get the scanner to work Says unkown device.?

Answer an install disc with drivers should make it work. you should be able to find it on

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What device do I need to use the scanner?

You should need no other device. When you installed the printer software did you install the whole package? You should be able to put the picture on the flatbed and simply push the scan button.

Is scanner an input or an output device?

Input. Anything the goes into a computer (mouse, keyboard, scanner, etc..) is input. Printers and such would be output.

Is a scanner an input or output device?

The scanner is an input deivce. it sends data to the computer.

Is there a device which wud serve as a printer,scanner also to send fax?

they are called all-in-one printers. every manufacturer makes them from Canon, brother, lexmark, epson and HP, if you want a quality one then buy a HP. they have, hands down, the best printers on t... Read More »