URGENT: Is there a problem?

Answer those pop-ups saying that you are infected (or something similar) are clear signs of spyware.if you'd click on pop-up it would ask you to buy some software to clean pop-ups, but believe me the soft... Read More »

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Printer Problem! Urgent!?

it really depends on the type of printer....if its a laser printer usually its a easy fix....but if its a color printer and you are at home, its probably a ink jet.You should unplug the power to yo... Read More »

Monitor pc problem, urgent?

owned a Samsung 24" for a few years the capacitor was going bad and the screen would flicker for 34 mins until the capacitor would hold enough power to have good flow, But that's not your problem... Read More »

PLASMA tv problem.REALLY need help! URGENT!?

Plasma TVs have a power supply for the gas cells that usually runs about 350 volts or so. It sounds, to me, like a filter capacitor has popped and will need to be replaced. Don't feel bad, the owne... Read More »

Internet Explorer URGENT problem virus !?

It is completely ok that IE to have multiple processes It is called Multiprocessing :)I suggest you to Upgrade to IE9!!(Run windows Update! )And try resetting IE once Read More »