URGENT!! How do I become a heavy sleeper?

Answer I have a lot of trouble sleeping these days also. My problem is, is that when I sleep, I think too much. My mind usually races with tons and tons of thoughts. It's hard to relax yourself when tryin... Read More »

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How to Become a Dymaxion Sleeper?

Dymaxion Sleeping is a specific form of polyphasic sleeping in which the participant sleeps 4 times each day each time for 30 minutes. The schedule was created by the famous inventor Buckminster Fu... Read More »

Alarm clock that works for a very, very, very heavy sleeper?

Yes, there is something that is called a vibrating alarm clock. It has a pad that attaches to the clock. This pad can be inserted under your mattress or pillow and "shake you awake". They can also ... Read More »

How do you remove an iPhone which has become stuck in one's throat URGENT?

Makeup for a bad acne breakout! URGENT!!! I NEED LOTS OF IDEAS!!! URGENT!!!?

I don't live in canada but my dermatologist says the best to use is Nuetrogena clear skin products. I used to have the worst acne but then i got prescribed a face cleaner that works ok, but the bes... Read More »