UPS is it possible to buy this type?

Answer UPS = Uninterruptable Power Supply. If the power fails, anything plugged into the outlet sockets at the back of the UPS will keep running until the batteries inside the UPS run flat.

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I have O positive blood type. My older sister has O negative blood type. Is this possible?

Yes. The way blood type works is you inherit it from your parents. Your mother and father can have different blood types and they each give you one of their alleles. Odds are, both your parents ... Read More »

How does it feel to have diabetes type 1 please diabetics type 1 only if possible?

I have type 1 diabetes and use an insulin pump.I dunno what it's made of lol - the same kinda stuff as any kind of computer or electrical device - I guess a bit like a phone it's got a tough plasti... Read More »

What type of dress would look good in this type of body?

jeeeeez girl. you can pull off anything if you gain an extra 10-20 pounds. at 5 foot tall your susposed to only weigh 120! you under weight! so with you, i would think you need something with strap... Read More »

Type one diabetes possible at 23?

Yes, type 1 diabetes IS possible at the age of 23, but what makes you think it's type 1 that you MIGHT have? Nothing you've said gives any impression that it's type 1 diabetes at all.