(UK) what other shops are there for electrical such as currys, comet, pc world! ?

Answer Hi Jamie,There are hundreds of UK electrical retailers. If you are searching solely on price, there are price comparison sites available throughout the web [I would try a few different ones]. Alter... Read More »

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Can you barter at Comet or Currys?

I would we bartered for a laptop that we bought from currys,we also got some pc speakers and norton so I think that this helped,we ended up getting around £60 pounds off in total!well worth being ... Read More »

Comet or Currys for a new T.V (U.K. only please)?

Firstly , Comet is a part of KESA Electrics.They both offer competitive prices, and are similar, the best thing to is consider budget, and narrow down to two TV's you like, use:Google Product Finde... Read More »

Hi if you know anyother sites other than Pcworld & Currys that sell laptops can you post them plz?

Is there such thing as a device that has a flash drive on one side and a sd card on the other?

just found this, take a look…