(UK) what other shops are there for electrical such as currys, comet, pc world! ?

Answer Hi Jamie,There are hundreds of UK electrical retailers. If you are searching solely on price, there are price comparison sites available throughout the web [I would try a few different ones]. Alter... Read More »

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Comet or Currys for a new T.V (U.K. only please)?

Firstly , Comet is a part of KESA Electrics.They both offer competitive prices, and are similar, the best thing to is consider budget, and narrow down to two TV's you like, use:Google Product Finde... Read More »

Can you barter at Comet or Currys?

I would we bartered for a laptop that we bought from currys,we also got some pc speakers and norton so I think that this helped,we ended up getting around £60 pounds off in total!well worth being ... Read More »

Hi if you know anyother sites other than Pcworld & Currys that sell laptops can you post them plz?

Why is it important to use the correct fire fighting equipment for Electrical and Non electrical fires?

Water conducts electricity and is therefore contraindicated for use on energized electrical equipment, however it is much cheaper than the chemicals that can be used on energized equipment making i... Read More »