UHF Radio Rules?

Answer Ultra high frequency (UHF) radios make use of the decimeter wavelength, which ranges from 10 cm to 1-meter. This wavelength range incorporates a range of electromagnetic waves with frequencies betw... Read More »

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FCC Portable Radio Rules?

The Federal Communications Commission doesn't require licensing to operate a portable Citizens Band radio, though certain conditions regarding the use of portable radios are still enforced by the F... Read More »

Rules for a Handheld Emergency Radio?

Amateur radio operators or "hams" use a variety of ways to communicate in emergencies and disasters, including handheld radios. After passing exams, hams receive a Federal Communications Commission... Read More »

FCC Rules for the Radio Play of Independent Songs?

The Federal Communications Communication, or FCC, is a government agency that issues licenses and regulates the communications industry, including radio. Because of licensing requirements, radio st... Read More »

When will we be able to hear both xm radio and sirus radio on the same radio?

Idk, but as i was on a trip in the car, i was vaugely listening to a report that i think said Siruis and XM were going to join, but idk if it is true... and i beilive the name for the combined comp... Read More »