UBS ports no longer working after XP SP2 upgrade?

Answer Go to BIOS and disable USB.Reboot. Go to Device Manager and uninstall everything under Universal Serial Bus Controllers.Reboot. Enable USB.They will redefine themselves and should be okay. IF you h... Read More »

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How to Upgrade My USB Ports to High Speed?

USB stands for universal serial bus. USB is indeed very universal: Many new pieces of hardware and peripherals use USB connections. In the earlier days of USB the ports were slower under the USB 1.... Read More »

HDMI Ports on my Foehn & Hirsch (F&H) TV no longer work?

The Main Board in the TV is fried most likely. This is an easy fix at a repair shop, given they still make the parts. It might cost some money though.

USB ports are not working, please help?

there should be a tool on your lowr right corner make sure you have your safty removeable harddrive enable

All USB ports suddenly stopped working on desktop, please help?

Okay well if I were you I would open up the case and look at the bottom of the motherboard, look for a square black ended cable plugging into a socket on the bottom of the board, it might say USB o... Read More »