U like indian food what dish?

Answer A Keralite settled abroad, I like our Chemmeen (Prawns) Fry (Porichadhu) the most !

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What Is Your Favourite Indian Food or Dish ?

Saro da Saag Te Maki di Roti,with lot of Makhni.Yumiiiother is PIZZA,NODALS.

I've had Indian food for the first time tonight and have a couple questions about the chicken dish I had?

they cook it like we do .. fry bake steam etc.. the pink maybe be a tomaoto paste base called masala if it has spinach then yes it will be green

POLL: Indian Food OR Chinese Food?

I have chinese blood but are you kidding me Indian food is the best in my opinion. Chinese food is usually so oily and have that salty aftertaste and whats up with pork and shrimp as their main ing... Read More »

What cartoon involved cooking up a food dish and throwing a card into it transforming the food into a creature that was used to fight?