U like indian food what dish?

Answer A Keralite settled abroad, I like our Chemmeen (Prawns) Fry (Porichadhu) the most !

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What Is Your Favourite Indian Food or Dish ?

Saro da Saag Te Maki di Roti,with lot of Makhni.Yumiiiother is PIZZA,NODALS.

Do you like INDIAN FOOD or not?

*Yes i love indian food....********************************… stars are also v less for indian food bz it includes lots of love in it.

Do u like indian food?

i am an indian and i like indian food as much as i love my country and i tell u that indian food is such a kind of food u would not find it anywhere in this world and no other kind of food can repl... Read More »

I've had Indian food for the first time tonight and have a couple questions about the chicken dish I had?

they cook it like we do .. fry bake steam etc.. the pink maybe be a tomaoto paste base called masala if it has spinach then yes it will be green