U by Kotex tween pads and liners?

Answer No, they're made for only tweens because they have secret scanners in them that can detect how old you are and if you wear them they will explode on you. LOL :) They are just made for smaller bodie... Read More »

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How Do I Use Kotex Sanitary Pads?

Kotex sanitary pads are made by the Kimberly-Clark company, who introduced the first sanitary pad to consumers in 1920. Since then, sanitary pads have evolved quite a bit, and are tailored to meet ... Read More »

What size are the blue and green tampons from u kotex?

the color isnt what size it is. There should be a letter on the the wrapper r for regular, s for super and s+ for super plus. I use both but I really do like applicator free. I can't feel those at ... Read More »

How do I use flushable liners?

Using Flushable LinersTake a flushable refill diaper out of the package, and insert it into the diaper cover. Change your baby’s diaper as you usually do, but instead of throwing the used refill ... Read More »

Who invented can liners?

The can liner, which is also called a disposable plastic garbage bag, was invented by Canadian inventors Harry Wasylyk of Winnipeg and Larry Hansen of Ontario, who worked for Union Carbide Company.... Read More »