Typing Code - Should I learn to type correctly (Currently three finger type)?

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Where can i learn to type correctly?

Practice with the computer hand goes on the left couple of buttons the other hand goes on the right and thumbs go on the space bar

How to Type Correctly?

Are you tired of people saying you can't type for anything? Here's some basic covering of common mistakes.

If your speed typing how would you type "practice"?

When I took a touch typing class in school, I learned to use the left middle finger for C and the left index finger for T. Touch typing takes a bit of practice, but it's designed so that in the end... Read More »

Every time I type on MS Word workspace, I can't see what I am typing... Why is that?

It would have helped to know which version of MS-Word you are using, and what update level you are at. Or are you talking about using Word with Microsoft Office Live Workspace??As long as there is... Read More »