Typical Seventh Grader Graphing Activities?

Answer Graphing is part of a standard seventh grade math curriculum. Students learn to collect information and clearly display data. They use graphs to compare, contrast, make predictions and recognize tr... Read More »

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How to Be a Ladylike Seventh Grader?

Sick of being a tomboy? Tired of your mum nagging you to be more poised and polite? Or do you just want to be more ladylike? Being ladylike is a good thing - you're something the adults approve of,... Read More »

Fun Graphing Activities for Middle School?

Graphing activities for middle school can include data that students compile by observing their daily lives and habits. Color markers and pencils help make a visually pleasing introduction to the p... Read More »

Interactive Data & Graphing Activities?

Online graph generators teach students how to organize and display data, while games such as data and graphing Jeopardy help hone students' skills. Bar charts, box models and leaf-and-stem plots of... Read More »

Grade 5 Math Graphing Activities?

Graphing helps fifth graders visualize confusing math ideas, such as negative and positive numbers. It gives them the big picture about matters ranging from reading maps to comparing group informat... Read More »