Types of scanner in india.............?

Answer I am using a Umax Astra 4100 scanner at home for last six years. It is good and never have given any trouble. Now a days all in one, printer + scanner is available for affordable price. Epson has a... Read More »

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Do we get a Pen Scanner anywhere in India?

Aims Electrocom Pvt. Ltd.,No.6, monarch, Arya vidya mandir marg, Juhu scheme,400 049 Mumbai+91 22 2620 8231+91 22 2620 8231They are IRSI Resellers. You can also view, there site:http://www.irislink... Read More »

Which Scanner is best for jewellery images with 10 crop at same time we can scan in india ?

Well you need a scanner with a CCD imager or else the jewelry will not be in focus from front to back. Most inexpensive scanners use a CIS imager. With this kind of scanner the only part of the i... Read More »

Different Types of Taxes in India?

Every government requires some form of money to operate, and that means taxes. Still, each country has different different laws on which items should be taxed, who does the taxing and how taxes are... Read More »

Types of Insurance in India?

Insurance in India can be broadly categorized into two types: life and general. Life insurance can be further classified into term life insurance, whole life insurance, money back plan, endowment p... Read More »