Types of Wool Sweaters?

Answer All wools are known for their warmth, which makes them the perfect material to use in knit sweaters. Wool wicks away moisture and is a heat insulator; it's also water-resistant and extremely breath... Read More »

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The Best Wool Sweaters?

The best wool sweaters are knit from soft fibers from the angora rabbit, Shetland sheep, camel, Merino sheep and Alpaca. Wool fibers from these animals are superior to other wool fibers due to soft... Read More »

Why do wool sweaters shrink?

Wool is a natural fiber that grows on sheep. Wool is used to make sweaters because of its ability to trap and retain heat, but a wool sweater won't do you much good if it's too small.BasicsWool is ... Read More »

Can I wash wool sweaters on gentle?

Yes, wool sweaters can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle, or delicate, cycle according to experts. If the sweaters are very thick and/or heavy, it may require two separate spin cycles to... Read More »

How many wool sweaters does a sheep make in its lifetime?

According to Nistock Farms, sheep can produce anywhere from 3 to 20 lbs. of wool per year. Also, each wool sweater takes about 2 lbs. of wool to produce. According to Barking Rock Farm, sheep will ... Read More »