Types of Wooden Bridges?

Answer With the advent of new technology, ideas and materials, bridge designs continue to expand using both new and old variations on classic structures. Although modern bridge structures tend to incorpor... Read More »

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How to Build Small Wooden Bridges?

Small wooden bridges are typically found over footpaths and small garden streams. Many streams flow heavily only in the spring, so a small wooden bridge is sufficient to provide dry passage from on... Read More »

How to Make Bridges Out of Wooden Sticks?

Many science classrooms assign students the task of making a bridge out of wooden sticks. Toothpicks and popsicle sticks are the most common types of sticks required for these projects. These assig... Read More »

Environmental Effects of Wooden Bridges?

Bridges can be made out of many different materials, including wood, concrete and metal. Each of these materials has a different environmental impact. While wooden bridges are, for the most part, e... Read More »

What different types of bridges are there?

1. Suspension bridge 2. Cable stayed bridge 3. Arch bridge 4. Stone masonry bridge 5. skew slab bridge 6. Void slab bridge 7. Continous bridge 8. Rigid frames 9. Truss bridge 10. P... Read More »